"High heels"
High Heels (1991) High heels drama Director: Pedro Almodovar Cast: Victoria Abril, Marisa Paredes, Miguel Bose, Ana Lisaran, Mayrata O'Vichedo "High Heels" was released in 1991, and even then they…

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Michael Emerson: biography, personal life
Zero years were a breakthrough for American television. It was then that the top-rated series were released, which attracted the attention of millions. The series have ceased to be considered…

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Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown: review of the mini-series "Mrs. Fletcher"
The new HBO project is a frank and leisurely drama about a woman who starts life from scratch after her son leaves for college. Mrs. Fletcher (2019) Mrs. Flatcher comedy…

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5 reasons to watch Narcos on ViP Serial

The other day, for the first time on the Russian airtime on the ViP Serial TV channel, the Narcos series (Narco) was launched. This is a talented selection of tough and bloody stories of the defeat of the world drug cartels – from the Colombian Escobar to the Mexican Felix Gallardo. We found five reasons to review the series or witness the confrontation between drug police and criminal gangs for the first time.


The plot is on the verge

Even before the release of the series, Narcos (“Narco”) received high expectations of critics, and after the premiere entered the list of the best Netflix projects. One of the obvious reasons for the success is a bright and unexpected plot in the best traditions of crime drama, thriller and detective thriller. The first seasons focus on the criminal history of the Medellin cartel, led by one of the most famous criminals of the 20th century – Pablo Escobar. With the advent of Escobar, Colombian drug trafficking began to grow prohibitively, and US authorities decide to enter the war with a dangerous criminal gang.

Promo frame for “Narco”
Experienced agent Steve Murphy is sent to Colombia, on the spot he is helped by police officer Javier Peña, a young and desperate guy who, by hook or by crook, seeks out information about local drug dealers. The project was bribed by the audience by showing the unpleasant truth with almost documentary accuracy: cruelty, blood, revenge, intrigue and dangerous connections. The second side of the plot is the backstage of the large operational work of law enforcement officers who, in extremely dangerous conditions, are preparing the capture of the largest criminals of our time.

Authentic actors

The project brought the whole team of actors to a fundamentally new level of fame. The Brazilian actor Wagner Moura was invited to the role of the main villain Narcos (“Elite Squad”, “Elysium: Paradise Not on Earth”). The actor had to not only adopt the habits and characteristics of Escobar, but also learn Spanish in order to look convincing in the frame. Murphy’s American agent is played by Boyd Holbrook (Logan, Disappeared). His partner Javier is an actor of Chilean descent Pedro Pascal (TV series Game of Thrones, Kingsman: The Golden Ring). Most of the actors on the set come from Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, which adds a lot of colorful features to the project, and most importantly – basic authenticity. In the continuation of the series, the main roles were played by Mexican actor and director Diego Luna (“Terminal”, “Harvey Milk”), American actor of Mexican descent Michael Pena (“Ghostly Beauty”, “Martian”), as well as the star of the Castle Rock series, “In sight” and “Ray Donovan” by Aaron Staton.

Events – in the homeland of real stories

The creators are proud of the maximum documentary of the series. The stories of all seasons were written on the basis of real recollections of the participants in the events – drug police agents, journalists and even former criminals. During the filming of the first three seasons, the team completely moved to Colombia. The country’s ministry of culture was against the project, and the producers of the series had to meet with the president to ask for official permission to work. To continue the story of Narco: Mexico, the set moved to the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco. This allowed us to organize a lot of field shooting in real places of events. Tropical jungle, poor neighborhoods and luxurious villas – all this complements the truly colorful visual component of the series.

From the creators of Hannibal

Shot from the series “Narco”
The authors of the idea, who were screenwriters and executive producers of Narcos, are Chris Brenketo, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. Each of these three was noted for their work in iconic films and television series of our time – from the series Law and Order, Hannibal to the blockbuster Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The producer of the series Christoph Riandi also worked in the team of the series Hannibal and has already collaborated with Netflix in the animated series With Family Means.

The director, who set the dynamics and style of the series, was the young Brazilian master Jose Padilla. In 2008, he received an award from the Berlin Film Festival for the film Elite Squad, and in 2014 he re-shot the legendary Robocop. Also, the honored cameraman Guillermo Navarro, who won the Academy Award for shooting the “Labyrinth of the Fauna,” also entered the team of directors of the series. The young Colombian director Andres Bice joined the project in the first seasons and continues to shoot spin-offs of the series Narco: Mexico.

Documentary and Fiction

The feature of the series was references to real events and documentary materials. The Narcos screen saver and in individual scenes use documentary shots, rare footage from the Escobar family archive and other moves. The team of creators adheres to the utmost frankness in portraying the cruelty that prevailed in the gangster environment and spread on a large scale to all who did not want to cooperate. From the first series, viewers are made to understand that the realities of the criminal world of the 80s, political intrigues and power methods of combating crime will be depicted with maximum reliability.

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