Review of the film "King" from Netflix
King (2019) The king biographical, drama, historical Director: David Michaud Cast: Timothy Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, Ben Mendelssohn, Joel Edgerton, Dean-Charles Chapman The beginning of the 15th century, the Centennial War…

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Nestor Carbonell: biography, personal life
Nestor Carbonell is a talented actor with a non-standard appearance. Nestor became famous thanks to his gaze lingered in memory for a long time. He played dozens of roles, many…

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5 reasons to watch Narcos on ViP Serial
The other day, for the first time on the Russian airtime on the ViP Serial TV channel, the Narcos series (Narco) was launched. This is a talented selection of tough…

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9 best doubles of “stars”, which are almost impossible to distinguish from celebrities

All people like to think that they are unique. And this is really so: there is no second person with the same abilities, thoughts, feelings. But sometimes it happens that when we go about our business in the city, we notice a person as two drops of water, outwardly, looking like someone we know. And the most interesting thing is when we meet a person who looks like some kind of celebrity. That is why the idea of ​​Freddy Slivinsky, the man who created the Same de la Same community on Instagram, dedicated to the doubles of the “stars”, gained such success.

People like celebrities from around the world send their photos to Freddy. In this collection of photographs of doubles of “stars” there are those that you begin to think about which of them is the original, and where is the double. Some people do not even suspect that they are very similar to the famous actor or singer, or politician. They live their lives quietly. On the contrary, there are those who manage to capitalize on this. Here is a selection of the 20 best doubles of famous personalities.

#1. Shakira

Coincidentally, also a singer, Rebeca Maiellano lives and works in Venezuela. According to her, she is not just not disturbed by the amazing resemblance to Shakira, but she helps a lot. Her shows are popular, she is invited to television, take comments and interviews. She uses her chance to the fullest: she writes songs, performs with concerts. She also took the very eloquent pseudonym Shakibecca (from the names of Shakira and Rebecca).

# 2 Kate moss

Here you can even get confused where who. In the photo on the left is a double, and on the right is the real Kate. And here is a coincidence too! Both Denise and Kate are supermodels. A girl from the small English town of Ormskirk, Denise Onon, lived her usual life. She married, gave birth to a child, and did not even suspect about what future was in store for her. When passers-by on the street did not give her a pass, confusing with Kate Moss, she decided to use it and, in the end, also became a supermodel. Denise has no end to fans. She is grateful to fate for being so similar to Kate. “Thanks to this, my life is filled with interesting events. I travel a lot. Life is an adventure! ”Says Denise Onona.

# 3 Justin Timberlake

On the right is the real Justin, and on the left is his American counterpart, registered on the network as “justintimberlakelookalike” (I look like Justin Timberlake). Here is what he says:
“People get so excited when they see me. It’s an honor to look like Justin, given how much his fans love and respect. ”

#4. Meghan Markle

British flight attendant Christina Mathis is incredibly similar to the former American actress and current Duchess of Sussex. According to her, passengers, when they see her, are always smiling and telling how she looks like Megan.

#5. Elton John

American Dave Bills is simply delighted with his resemblance to Sir Elton. He is his fan and even knows him personally! “This is so much fun!” He says: “I was at a Elton concert in Leicester, United Kingdom, a couple of years ago, and naturally dressed like Elton. All the evening I was “attacked” by his fans, I even gave several autographs. ”

# 6 Kim Chen In

The double of the formidable leader of the DPRK is 31 years old, he was born in Uruguay. When he was 14 years old, he and his parents moved to Israel. He works as a copywriter. He speaks of his resemblance to the North Korean leader: “It’s cool! People just freeze in confusion for a few seconds when they see me. Then they start laughing, but very rarely want to continue communication. ”

# 7 Tom Cruise

A copy of young Tom has been working as his double for 9 years now. People love nostalgic about the past and enjoy taking pictures with the young version of Tom Cruise.

#8. Robby Williams

Tony Lewis is the official double of the singer. He has been brilliantly imitating it for 10 years. This is his profession. According to him, no matter where he was, someone would shout to him: “Robbie!” Tony met with Williams, they talked with pleasure, talked about football.

#9. Daniel Craig / Agent 007

“It’s so great that they mistake me for James Bond. I am stopped almost every time I go outside. People want to take a picture with me. I even began to believe that I was he. I like it and, I think, never get tired! ”

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