When the deadline is on
Sin (2019) Sin biographical, drama, historical Director: Andrei Konchalovsky Cast: Alberto Testone, Orso Maria Gerrini, Massimo De Frankovic, Glen Blackhall, Jacob Dil Premiere: November 14, 2019 Michelangelo Buonarotti (Alberto Testone)…

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Ryan, we have a corpse, maybe postmodern
Get out the knives (2019) Knives out detective, drama, comedy, thriller Director: Ryan Johnson Cast: Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tony Collette Premiere: November 28,…

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Nestor Carbonell: biography, personal life
Nestor Carbonell is a talented actor with a non-standard appearance. Nestor became famous thanks to his gaze lingered in memory for a long time. He played dozens of roles, many…

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Who did the “stars” before they became famous all over the world?

Every time we see beloved celebrities on television or on the pages of magazines, it’s hard to believe that not so long ago they were ordinary people who had to work in different, and sometimes even weird, jobs in order to survive, making ends meet meet before gaining worldwide fame and popularity.

1. Danny DeVito worked as a hairdresser in a morgue

Despite the fact that Danny DeVito can hardly boast of his own hair, however, once he worked as a hairdresser-stylist. And everything would be fine if not a single small “BUT”. In addition to the usual hairdresser, Danny worked in the morgue, where he did hairstyles for the deceased women, transforming their pale face. To everything else, before gaining worldwide fame and popularity, the actor worked as a night watchman, continuing to go to various movie screenings and auditions.
2. Christopher Walken – Lion Tamer

It’s hard to believe, but when Christopher Walken was a teenager, he worked at the circus as an assistant to the lion tamer in a mobile tent, posing as the son of a tamer. Leo Walken’s name was Sheba, and he said that she was really like a dog, and all he had to do was wave his whip, and Sheba could instantly and unconditionally roll over, sit down or lie down.
3. Hugh Jackman worked as a physical education teacher

Hugh Jackman was not always successful and popular, as most think. In fact, this Wolverine actor had quite a few strange works before he became world famous. Hugh worked as a gas station attendant, a party clown, and even a physical education teacher! Everything would have remained a secret, if not for a former student who at one of the events did not reveal all the cards, thereby giving out a former physical education teacher.
4. Victoria Beckham moonlighted in a sperm suit

And here it remains only to shrug and smile. After all, before Victoria Beckham became a household name, she managed to be in a very difficult role, trying on a sperm suit for the BBC show, known as Body Matters, which was associated with sexual education. Apparently, after such a spicy appearance in public, tempting offers from all sides rained down on her, including participation in Spice Girls.
5. Whoopi Goldberg worked as a make-up artist in a local morgue

But Whoopi Goldberg, before becoming successful and popular, was in fact a certified cosmetologist, makeup artist, in whose life everything did not work out as smoothly as she wanted. Due to some hopelessness, the girl got into the local morgue with a make-up artist, where she almost got a heartbreak from the jokes of her boss, who climbed into one of the coffins, so that after slowly sliding the lid and waving the employee with his hand.
6. Johnny Depp worked as a ballpoint pen seller

Johnny Depp is now widely known, but this was not always the case. In her early days, trying to find a job to make ends meet, the future star was engaged in daily sales of ballpoint pens by phone. He was promised that if he could sell several ballpoint pens a day, he would be offered a trip to Tahiti! However, Depp did not work too long on this job, while talking about the fact that thanks to such an absurd task, he managed to gain his first acting skills.
7. Gina Davis worked as a mannequin

Before Thelma and Louise, Thelma and Anne were … Taylor. It’s hard to believe, but for reasons unknown for that reason, the action took place in a clothing store, where Davis posed like a mannequin in store windows next to real mannequins. “Once, someone saw me doing this, and then the person just stopped to see what happens next,” Davis explains. “But I just froze. I don’t know how and why, but I had a supernatural ability to stand still for hours. ” That is what helped her in her further modeling career, and after that in the film industry.
8. Dustin Hoffman walked a thorny path from a doorman to an actor

In the early years of his work, Dustin Hoffman had to change many professions to make ends meet. The work included a doorman job, security checks, stringing Hawaiian lei and even printing Yellow Pages with a team of eighty women. However, unlike some of the other celebrities on this list, Hoffman said he never felt ashamed of doing trivial work while this helped him make ends meet.
9. Helen Mirren worked in an amusement park

Before she played the royal woman, Lady Helen Mirren worked in the Kursaal amusement park, trying to attract people to various attractions. In the USA it would be called a “barker”, but in the UK Mirren was known as a “blagger”.
10. Mick Jagger worked in a psychiatric clinic

But according to several biographers, in 1961, Jagger worked as a porter at the Bexley Psychiatric Hospital, transporting things to pay for his studies at the London School of Economics.

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Who did the “stars” before they became famous all over the world?
Every time we see beloved celebrities on television or on the pages of magazines, it’s hard to believe that not so long ago they were ordinary people who had to…