We asked Tarantino to choose favorite scenes from his own films.
“A very exciting experience,” the 46-year-old director shines. - I've never done this before, and now - I just sat down and wrote out all my favorite things. Scored 21…

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She has a chicken egg in her chest
Ninth (2019) action, drama, historical, thriller Director: Nikolai Khomeriki Cast: Daisy Head, Evgeny Tsyganov, Dmitry Lysenkov, Jonathan Solway, Yuri Kolokolnikov Premiere: November 7, 2019 It was dreamed that “Ninth” was…

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5 reasons to watch Narcos on ViP Serial
The other day, for the first time on the Russian airtime on the ViP Serial TV channel, the Narcos series (Narco) was launched. This is a talented selection of tough…

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TV shows 2019. Main delights

Completing the reporting series of articles on TV shows that were released in 2019, the most enjoyable chapter is “The Main Delights of 2019”. In it, users of the “Cinema News” portal share their personal enthusiasm and offer to pay attention to the television projects that caused them. Let’s start, part one.

Love, Death, and Robots (2019-) (Netflix)

The mention of the words “horror” or “anthology” in the description of the genre and format of the film or series often makes you take a closer look at them. And if it also means “animation”, that is, the hope that the cruelty and bloodthirstiness of the scenes will not be too limited by the age rating. The series “Love, Death and Robots” fully justified the aspirations. Most, if not all, of the 18 animated stories flavored with fantastic elements, humor, horror, disgust and chill on the back and sympathy for the main characters, will find grateful viewers and are recommended to watch at least once. Many of the plot lines carry a deep philosophical meaning, morality, at first glance, simple, but spilling over into long thoughts.
The drawing of various episodes varies from deprived of graphic sophisticated examples to masterpieces of mastery of CGI effects and even cameos of real live actors. The series covers many genres and subgenres: post-apocalypse, drama, comedy, adventure, cyberpunk, science fiction, alternative history, horrors. The “calling card” of each episode is a visual announcement of the key “images” of the plot in the form of three pictures in the opening credits. (xen04158602)

Carnival Row (2019-) (Amazon)

The series did not cause me delight, but I’ll explain why I chose it for the article – the fantasy genre! Yes! He doesn’t spoil show lovers so often. And here is everything that the soul asks for: the weird magical world and its bizarre inhabitants, worked out to the smallest detail. The creators did not stint, and the audience got the full effect of the presence: they plunged into the mists and got wet in the rain, fell in love and hated, gained and lost. Great costumes and original makeup delight the eye. The sound of the environment and gloomy music pump the right atmosphere. But the main thing is an intricate tangle of plot. Intrigue – this is what we wanted and found in this story, as well as the mysterious murders and adventures of the main characters chilling, sometimes reminiscent of reality, and sometimes sharply turning into the peak of phantasmagoria. These sudden zigzags from the intelligible to the fantasy world conquered me as a spectator.

The cast is on top: Orlando Bloom, Jared Harris, Indira Varma, David Gezy, Karla Krom and many others are simply magnificent. The only negative is Cara Delevingne. Many will be outraged, but this is my subjective perception, nothing can be done. I do not like this actress at all. Although I can not agree – it is in the role of the fairy that she is most harmonious. There is something unearthly in Kara, not gentle-airy, but exciting and inevitable. Like the punishment of the Lord
The series has been extended for the second season, so I’m happy to plunge into this world again. And meet with the protagonists and residents of the gloomy city of Burg. I hope the sun rises above him. Or maybe I will reconcile with Kara, who knows? (Angelina)

“Orange is the hit of the season” (2013-2019) (Netflix)

One of the best series about prison life – “Orange is the hit of the season”, based on the autobiographical book of a former prisoner, approached its worthy conclusion in 2019. It all started in such a distant 2013, when in the first season, which started on the Netflix streaming service, the intelligent Belorussian Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who lives a completely carefree life with her fiancé, is imprisoned, as the mistakes of a stormy youth made themselves felt know.

The series flawlessly knows how to combine sparkling comedy and the strongest drama. And almost every character literally breathes this explosive mixture. Thanks to the beautiful manner of storytelling, which smoothly moves from the main storyline to numerous flashbacks and vice versa, the whole essence of the characters of the series is revealed. And the one whom you could not stand in the previous episode can cause sincere sympathy or respect. And the most comedic characters may find themselves in such a binding that it will be no laughing matter.

In the last seventh season, the drama, which almost completely seized power in the leadership of the genres, made it possible to end this beautiful story on a really high note, distributing the fate of others so that you feel sincere joy for some characters, and you can only sigh sadly over the present and future of others.

Watch or not watch? Like it or not like it? Everyone decides for himself. We can only say with confidence that the series will leave an emotional response and its mark in the soul to every viewer. (Paraselene)

Stranger Things (2016-) (Netflix)

The third season of the megapopular show of the Duffer brothers turned out to be very unusual. The creators did not stand still, but decided to experiment with genres, adding more youth comedy.

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