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Downton Abbey (2019) Downton abbey drama Director: Michael Engler Cast: Michelle Dockery, Matthew Goode, Tuppence Middleton, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern Premiere: November 21, 2019 The silverware shines, the fireplace in…

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TV shows 2019. Main delights
Completing the reporting series of articles on TV shows that were released in 2019, the most enjoyable chapter is “The Main Delights of 2019”. In it, users of the "Cinema…

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Michael Emerson: biography, personal life
Zero years were a breakthrough for American television. It was then that the top-rated series were released, which attracted the attention of millions. The series have ceased to be considered…

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Terminator: Dark Fates (2019)
Terminator: Dark Fate
action, adventure, fiction
Director: Tim Miller
Cast: Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Luna
Premiere: October 31, 2019
The Mexican girl Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) lives herself and does not bother anyone until one day a new generation Terminator (Gabriel Luna) who wants to kill her is announced on the threshold of her Continue reading

TV Series 2019. December News

December series are like confetti in a tube: all colors and shades. Examine the list carefully, cheer yourself up on the eve of the New Year holidays and do not forget to analyze your actions over the past year, or even a story can happen to you, as with Ebenizer Scrooge from the Christmas Song. The Vikings begin their final chapter, Mrs. Meisel goes on tour – all with the deal.

Monday, December 2

“Kitchen. War for the Hotel” (STS) – a grandiose Russian television franchise that has grown to spin-offs and feature films, Continue reading


Louis de Funes is a brilliant world-famous French comedian, film actor, director, scriptwriter. His sparkling humor and inimitable images created on the screen to this day delight fans of the actor’s talent. Nevertheless, he became famous already in his young age and during his lifetime did not earn serious cinematic awards, only in 1980 he was awarded the Cesar Prize for outstanding services in cinema. He has been a Knight of the Legion of Honor since 1973.

Now the French consider his birthday their national holiday. In 2019, the cinematic world community celebrated the 105th anniversary of the birth of the great comedian of the twentieth century. CHILDHOOD AND YOUTH: CURBEVOIS – PARIS The third child, born in the summer of 1914 in the Continue reading

Adam Sandler
Actor, comedian and musician Adam Sandler was a member of the Saturday Night Live show team. The star of such films as Love Knocking Down and Singer at a Wedding.…


15 famous actors who abandoned iconic roles
The history of cinema is replete with cases when the actors were "at arm's length" from roles that later became cult. But for one reason or another, they refused to…


Films of 2019. Summary
Summing up the outgoing year, tremblingly recalling the good and closing the door to the bad, as a rule, is easy and pleasant. However, in the cinema of 2019, something…


Review of the film "Hemingway and Gellhorn"
Hemingway and Gellhorn (2012) Hemingway & gellhorn biographical, drama, melodrama Director: Philip Kaufman Cast: Nicole Kidman, Clive Owen, David Strathairn, Rodrigo Santoro, Molly Parker Retro from the HBO channel is…